Goose Goslin


In the summer of 1937, I was invited to Briggs Stadium to pitch batting practice for the Detroit Tigers players. The first batter I faced was Goose Goslin. Being a little nervous
, I hit the future Hall of Famer on the calf with my first pitch.

I apologized and Goose said " That's all right kid, you will probably hit a lot of players before you are through with Baseball".

Actually, it is strange how fate enters into your life. Three years later I was pitching for then manager Goose Goslin for Trenton in the Class B Inter State League. We joked about that first pitch incident many times.

Leon " Goose" Goslin was very cavalier off the baseball field as well as on the field. Goose Goslin, member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Bernie Mussill